S-PGD™ Technology introduction
S-PGD™ Technology was a breakthrough innovation and sino-developed by Jabrehoo that is used to Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). S-PGD™ was mainly based on high-throughput sequencing technologies. And SNP loci was used to construct haplotype with linkage analysis. From SNP information of the parents and the confounder, we can derive the haplotype information of parents and the linked haplotype information of disease genes. With linkage analysis on the sequencing information of the cells form the embryo, normal embryos can then be selected for transferring during IVF.

S-PGD™has a widely clinical application, such as: S-PGD™ for Monogenic Disorders, S-PGD™  for HLA Typing, S-PGD™  for Robertsonian Translocation Carrier, S-PGD™  for Balanced Translocation Carrier, etc.

Currently, S-PGD™ has been used in many state authorized PGD IVF centers in China, and has testified by hundreds of clinical pedigrees.

Triple Protection is the most important feature of S-PGD™.
1. Haplotype linkage analysis to avoid ADO (Allele dropout);
2. Pathogenic gene loci verified with Sanger sequencing;
3. And have a PGS for chromosome aneuploidy screening at the same time.

S-PGD™ has helped many patients or couples with Monogenic Disorders have a health baby, such as: patients of Congenital contractural arachnodactyly(CCA), α-thalassemia, β-thalassemia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy(DMD) or related families of pathogenic gene carrier.

S-PGD™ products/services portfolio includes:
◇ S-PGD™ for Monogenic Disorders
◇ S-PGD™ for HLA Typing
◇ S-PGD™ for Robertsonian Translocation Carrier
◇ S-PGD™ for Balanced Translocation Carrier

S-PGD™ feature
◇ Comprehensive. Detection rate is high, and the applicable range is extensive;
◇ Accurate. It can effectively detect the restructuring, de novo, and propositus doesn’t must be required;
◇ Flexible. Target capture solution was more flexible, and contribute to clinical cost control.

S-PGD™ meaning
◇ Sequencing: Next-Generation Sequencing
◇ SNP: Single nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) Haplotype Linkage Analysis
◇ Sino-Jabrehoo: Sino-developed by Jabrehoo

Life is of sequence.
“the precise sequence of the bases is the code which carries the genetical information.”
- Watson & Crick  1953

Life is digital.
“the instructions for making a life from one generation to the next is digital,not analogue.”
- Sulston & Ferry  2002