Jabrehoo at a glance

•  Jabrehoo team is trying to train and populaire the NGS-based PGS/PGD solutions for IVF centers in a cooperative way.
•  Jabrehoo is colla borating with multiple IVF centers to develop more applications and technologies which are precise to clinic.

•  Patented Robertsonian translocation carrier PGD and Balanced translocation carrier PGD.
•  Low-depth sequencing based CNV caller.
•  Digital analysis of AZF on Y chromosome.
•  Male infertility DNA testing.

At Jabrehoo we believe deeply in the power of science and technology to advance our understanding of biological systems to ultimately improve patient care. Our company will provide next-generation sequencing research tools to help unravel genetic complexity of fertility and sterility. This mission, coupled with a deep understanding of the tools that life science researchers need, drives our focus to be a research partner; delivering technologies in a technically supported manner to enable cost-effective PGD and PGS.